Long Lens Landscapes
Long Lens Landscapes

Long Lens Landscapes



Telephoto lenses are the most underutilized tool for most landscape photographers. In this eBook, professional photographer Justin Reznick explores the different themes and techniques that will push your creative pursuits to new heights with long lens photography. With each new technique, he shares a group of sample images to illustrate each point, finally culminating in the combination of themes to make dynamic imagery. Justin also shares the techniques in the world of architectural photography, as telephoto lenses can be used well beyond the world of landscapes. In addition, he has included a shopping guide so you get the right telephoto lens for your chosen system.

  • 52 pages
  • PDF file format

Meet Your Instructor

Justin Reznick is a full-time professional photographer from Seattle, Washington. His vision comes from years on the road and off the beaten path. Justin has explored over 70 countries on 6 continents and he has hiked many of the world's greatest trails.