Bird Photography: 10 Immutable Rules
Bird Photography: 10 Immutable Rules

Bird Photography: 10 Immutable Rules


This ebook by Prathap focuses on his core techniques for making stunning bird photographs, and includes a number of valuable bonus resources.

This ebook by professional bird photographer Prathap distills eleven years of experience into ten simple and easy to follow principles which he calls his 10 Immutable Rules. This 107-page ebook gives you the following:  

  • Learn about five simple and effective ways to get out-of-focus background or “bokeh” effect that'll instantly make your bird photos look professional.
  • Find out about the number one fault that most, if not all, photographers commit that's ruining their images.
  • Learn a common sense rule to set the shutter speed so that you'll never have to worry about getting blurry shots again.
  • Find out five different ways you can make birds feel more comfortable in your presence.
  • Learn five seemingly simple technical advantages that will help you realize how easy it is to make amazing action and flight shots.
  • This ebook is packed with loads of examples for you to learn from. 
  • Bonus field pack and 44-page ebook described below. 
  • Digital books (ebooks) in pdf format, downloadable and readable on most digital devices. 

View some of Prathap's bird photographs:

Bonus Resources: 10 Printable Field Cards and Bonus ebook

You'll also be getting these Printable Field Cards—one for each Immutable Rule—that will serve as reminders when you are shooting in the field. You can either print these Field Cards and take them with you or download them onto your mobile phone. You'll also get a bonus ebook, Immutable Rules In Action: An In-depth Analysis of 3 Photos, which will take you behind the scenes for three of  Prathap's favorite photos, showing you how these Ten Immutable Rules work in the field.

Sample Pages:

About the Author:

Prathap is a passionate nature photographer residing in Bangalore, India. He is always in pursuit of some of the unique photographs in nature. He believes strongly in simplicity whether it is about life, photography or any other thing. Prathap is the founder of the Nature Photography Simplified blog where he shares his extensive knowledge on photography. He believes in teaching the core concepts in best possible and practical way to all his readers/students. He firmly believes that photography is a life-long learning as any other art.