Photoshop for Beginners
Photoshop for Beginners

Photoshop for Beginners


Professional photographer David Johnston teaches you Photoshop fundamentals in this video course.

This course is designed for photographers making their first foray into Adobe Photoshop. You'll learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop together, how to use essential tools and panels, how to use layers and adjustment layers, how to use layer masks, how to blend multiple exposure photos into one image, and much more.

“A very good, interesting, and informative series of videos from a knowledgeable person. The videos cover a range of tools and show how to use them to good effect. The videos are very informative and being downloaded, you can watch them over as many times as you want to grasp the techniques presented by David. Having done other similar courses, I have learned more from these than I did from other more expensive ones. I would recommend this and any other courses from David without hesitation.” -Mick H.

“As a landscape and cityscape photographer, I found that I hit a wall. That wall was called Photoshop. I knew that to take my photography to the next level I would need to start using Photoshop. Photoshop is a massive and difficult program with a cluttered interface filled with countless buttons, tools, and options. Understanding the basics of how photographers should use this program is easier said than done. To get over this wall I bought a couple of beginner’s books and even bought a how-to video but I was still completely lost. That’s when I discovered David Johnston’s Photoshop For Beginner’s course. Simply put, it is the best introduction to Photoshop out there and a must-buy for all photographers, who like me, were struggling with understanding Photoshop! David explains things in an easy-to-understand and friendly manner and in just over an hour I completely understood the basics of Photoshop. I now know how to set up my screen, what tools are the most important and the basics of making adjustments to create a better picture. This course has also provided me with the knowledge and confidence to learn more about this incredible program. Thanks David!” -Paul L.

Here's what you'll get.

  • Instant access to video files: You'll get a PDF syllabus containing quick links to all of the materials for this course. You can stream the videos for easy access, or download files for offline viewing.
  • 5 teaching videos for photographers who want to start using Photoshop to edit their photos.
  • Over 1 hour of video content including explanations of key tools, techniques, and 5 in-depth photo examples.
  • A downloadable photo example to follow along with in each lesson.
  • If you want to make notes while watching the videos, printable PDF sheets are included that are organized by the topics presented in the videos.

Meet Your Instructor

David Johnston is a landscape photographer living in Tennessee in the United States. He photographs nature and produces content for websites like Outdoor Photography Guide and Visual Wilderness. David is an expert in Luminar and is a Skylum Ambassador for his knowledge of the software and his teaching. David helps people improve their landscape photography through online video.